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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Year 5

 Mr Wilcox, Mrs Pritchard and Mrs Lansdowne welcome you to Year 5.

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  • Flour Babies

    Published 09/07/19, by Sam Wilcox

    Flour Babies

    Sorry about the delay in getting this information out. We are making flour babies and between Wednesday and Friday, I want the children to pretend they have a real baby. They are not allowed to put it down unattended and must mock feed the baby every two hours (parents be as strict or lenient as you want). The aim is to give a realistic experience of the needs of a baby. 

    The equipement needed is:

    Bag of flour

    3 x plastic bags (to contain the flour and catch it if it bursts)

    Tights or old socks (for heads and legs and arms)


     Baby clothes (if you have them, if not Mr W has spare). 

    Here is a link:


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  • Year 5

    Published 03/07/19, by Julie Martin

    Year 5 Spellings

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  • Year 5

    Published 18/06/19, by Julie Martin

    Year 5 Spellings 18/6/19

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  • Year 5

    Published 12/06/19, by Julie Martin

    Year 5 Spellings

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  • Year 5

    Published 04/06/19, by Julie Martin

    Year 5 Spellings 4/6/19

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  • Homework

    Published 08/05/19, by Sam Wilcox

    For homework, I would like you to write a review for a New Forest attraction. this could be a cafe, strawberry picking - anything that attracts tourists. It is due on Friday the 17th.

    When writing your review, I want you to think about these questions.

    What was it like when you visited? (tell this part like a story, describe what it looks like and the mood of the place).

    Who is it aimed at? (Children, people wanting to relax, thrill seekers).

    Where is it?

    Why should you go to visit (or not)?

    How important is it that you visit (is it amazing)?

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  • Year 5

    Published 07/05/19, by Julie Martin

    Year 5 Spellings

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  • Homework + Blog

    Published 26/04/19, by Sam Wilcox

    Homework: Due in 1/5/2019

    This week, I would like the pupils to use their viewfinders and sketch 6 pictures in as much detail as they can. The setting can be their house, or anywhere of interest. The 6 pictures need to be: a texture, a pattern, a shadow, a view, something man made and something natural. 

    Mathletics has been set. Pupils need to be down to 0 tasks by Friday. 


    Spellings and homework diaries in on Tuesday

    PE: Monday's and Wednesdays.



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  • Year 5

    Published 24/04/19, by Julie Martin

    Year 5 Spellings 24/4/19

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  • Year 5

    Published 26/03/19, by Julie Martin

    Year 5 Spellings 26/3/19

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  • Year 5

    Published 19/03/19, by Julie Martin

    Year 5 Spellings 19/3/19

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  • Year 5 Deforestation Homework

    Published 15/03/19, by Sam Wilcox

    This is a 3 week project, with parts to hand in weekly. The aim of the project is to create an entertaining, neat, leaflet that tells me about the reasons deforestation happens and what i and others can do to help.

    Week 1:

    I would like you to research and take notes about what you discover. I have included some websites below, but it is best that you do further research. Take notes and let me see them, i will do a quick check to see that you are on the right track. 

    March 20th 


    Have a plan about what your leaflet will look like. Come up with a catchy title and subheadings.

    March 27th

    Week 3

    Hand in your finished copy of the leaflet. It must be colourful, catchy, in your own words, entertaining and informative. 

    Hand in date: April 3rd

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