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Year 5

 Mr Wilcox and Mrs Lawrence welcome you to Year 5.

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  • Year 5 Homework and Blog

    Published 18/05/18, by Sam Wilcox


    This week, Year 5 are working on their empathy skills, by researching about the interests of another class member. They will be presenting this information as either a poster, newspaper article, passport or any other creative way that they feel. The idea is that this is a celebration of the person that they are interviewing.

    Some great questions that we have had so far have been:

    What is your philosophy for a good life?

    If you were going to invite some famous people to a dinner party, who would you invite?

    Desert island disc questions.


    All children need to look at Mathletics as there are a lot of outstanding tasks. We are close to finishing most categories in Mathletics, so more will be added today.


    Prejudice, privilege, profession, programme, pronunciation, queue, recognise


    T-U-V countries

     Finally, last week's homework was written to a great standard. A lot of you had to rewrite your poems to give the presentation justice for such great poetry. Keep up the good work!

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  • Year 5 Blog and Homework

    Published 11/05/18, by Sam Wilcox

    This Week

    In maths this week we have been finishing off our topic of angles and measures. During the topic we measured angles in Kandinsky's art work, made treasure maps and did a lot of measuring. 

    In literacy this week, we have started looking at poetry. The poems we have focussed on have been about the sea. The children have written several poems using different techniques such as repetition and word patterns. 

    In topic, we have learnt about the invasion of the Vikings at Lindisfarne and we started to investigate King Alfred's reign. 

    Next Week

    We will continue our work on poetry. In Maths we will start to look at place value. 

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  • Year 5 Homework

    Published 23/03/18, by Admin


    Homework is due for Wednesday. I would like children to write a newspaper report about deforestation. Why is it happening?  What is the affect on the planet? What can we do to solve the problem?  This needs to be a presentable piece of work. 

    Mathletics Tasks

    These need to be down to zero by next Wednesday. 


    6 this week: H-K. We'll be testing them on Thursday.


    definite desperate determined develop dictionary disastrous embarrass

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  • Homework Yr 5

    Published 10/03/18, by Admin

    Literacy: Please see the sheet below. 

    Mathletics:  There were 4 tasks set on Wednesday for this Friday. Everyone needs to have completed all homework for then.

    Capital Cities: European countries F-G.

    Spellings: bruise, category, cemetery, committee, communicate, community and competition.

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  • Year 5 Homework

    Published 23/02/18, by Admin

    Mathletics: there are 2 tasks waiting for you. By Wednesday everybody should be on zero tasks. 

    Capital Cities: B countries this week.

    Spellings:  We are now on the Year 5+6 words.  We will practice 7 words per week, then go over any spellings that we need to later in the year. Everybody has them inside their green folders. 

    Literacy:  Write dialogue to do with any 2 pictures below (the pictures are there to inspire you to write, if you have better inspiration, then use it). This is not a play script. Your writing should have a title, include your name and be around 150 - 200 words long. This is due Wednesday. What I am looking for is an entertaining piece of writing with lots of speech. 

    It should have: 

    •New speaker new line

    •Punctuate inside 99

    •Kill said

    •Hug the speech

    It could have:

    •Clues to characterisation and motive

    •Include contractions

    •Sometimes unfinished + interrupted sentences

    •Sometimes short sentences


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  • Homework Changes Yr 5

    Published 09/02/18, by Admin

    Speaking program: talk, show and tell, about something that you are interested in, proud of, passionate about.

    Capital Cities of Europe

    Children will need to know the capital cities of European countries begining with A.

    Next Topic: Rainforests

    In our next topic, I would like children to bring in an old peice of clothing that can be cut up. They will create a soft toy. If they would like to bring something to stuff the toys with (lentils or stuffing etc), that would be a great help.

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  • Yr 5 Homework and Blog

    Published 02/02/18, by Admin


    I would like you to design a Factfile about Shackleton. I need; his name in big bold letters, a picture about him, who he is, where he is from, what was his job, what skills did he have, why is he famous and enything else that you think is important. 

    Your work needs to be presentable; add colour and make it interesting to read.



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  • Art Competitions All Should Enter

    Published 19/01/18, by Admin

    Due to the fact that we have a very inspiring, artistic class; I would like to make everyone aware of a 2 art competitions that you should all enter

    This is the first one by the Victoria and Albert Museum: The much-loved stories of Winnie-the-Pooh are brought to life by wonderful illustrations that help readers to step inside the story and connect with the characters. Thinking about the importance of the relationship between words and pictures, we’d like you to create a completely original, fictional character and tell us a bit about them.

    To enter follow the link.

    The second is by the St Barbe Museum

    This year also sees our first ever Young Artist's Open which encourages budding artists aged up to 17 to submit two-dimensional artworks on a standard sized board provided by the museum. 
    It's just £1 to center and there are three age groups, and some great prizes on offer.
    The St Barbe Young Artist’s Open will coincide with the St Barbe Open Exhibition.
    For more details click

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  • Tube Collection

    Published 18/01/18, by Admin

    Class, we need to start collecting the tubes from inside kitchen roles.  When you have one, bring it into school and leave it at the back of the class. It will be used for a project that we will be doing later. 

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  • Year 5 Homework

    Published 05/01/18, by Admin

    This week for homework, I want you to create a view finder, then draw 6 different views from your local area. 

    Different things you could look for are: 

    1) textures

    2) Patterns

    3) Man-made features

    4) Natural features

    5) Examples of light and shadows

    6) A long distnace sketch

    Have fun and I look forward to seeing the results. 

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  • Handball Pick Up Time

    Published 12/12/17, by Admin

    We will be back between 6:30-6:45 tonight for Handball. Sorry about the change of time, but there were a lot more teams entering this year than others.

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  • Year 5 Blog by Martha and Rose

    Published 08/12/17, by Admin

    On Thursda we had a school trip to Ballard School to do a drama workshop. It was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We all had lots of funacting out a classroom scene including; Violet Buerogade, Veruca Salt, Mike TV, Charlie, Augustus Gloop and a teacher. About half way through we stopped for a delicious, mouth-watering snack. The Kit Kats were beautiful.  The moment the tip of the tongue touched the smooth choclate surface you were plunged head first into the magical land of unicorns and rainbows. Tamsin said "I thought it was really awesome". 

    In Maths we leart about co-ordinates and Roman Numerals which, personally we both think are fun indeed. So good Maths lessons for us. 

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