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Y5 Science home learning - 20.4.20

LO:  To describe and explain the work of Jane Goodall

As part of our learning on living things and their habitats, we are going to continue our journey over the next couple of weeks by finding out about the work of well-known animal behaviourist and the influence their work has had in the scientific world.

This week, I would like you to find out about the work and life of Jane Goodall. You may already know many facts about her and her work but please do use magazines, books or credible internet sites to support and expand your research.  I have included a few links in the attachment below.  There are many, so I have tried to find ones I think will help you best as a starter.  If you find others that have helped you, please send me the links and we will post them in Google Classroom for others to use. Email me at 

I would like you to think particularly about, and discuss with your adults, what you think of the importance of her work:

What has it helped people to understand?

Why is their work so important?

What have you found out about chimpanzees?

Would you be interested in a job like theirs? Why and what animals would you like to study?

Please answer these questions and post them in Google Classroom so that we can view and share our thoughts and ideas.

If you are not on Google Classroom yet, please do have a go at logging in so you can join in. If you are stuck and unable to login, contact me at the above email or look back to a previous Google Classroom blog which gives you all the details.  Trying to get everyone on.  Please join if you can!

Missing you all and hope that you are well.