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Y5 Science home learning 27.04.20

LO: To describe and explain metamorphosis in insects and amphibians.

This week, we are going to continue to think about the lives of animals; in particular the lifecycles of insects and amphibians.  

1) I would like you to explore what is meant by metamorphosis.  Use the links in the attachment to get you started.  You will also have some ideas, so build and draw on what you know already.

2) With your knowledge of metamorphosis,  describe the differences in lifecycles between an insect and an amphibian.  Choose 2 from this list to compare (make sure you know which ones are insects and amphibians first!) and compare their lifecycles:  dragonfly, butterfly, newt, frog.  Others are available, should you wish to wow me with your knowledge! 

3) Find definitions for these scientific words - metamorphosis, larva, chrysalis, adult, reproduce, pupa, nymph, transform, amphibian, insect.

4) I am very happy with however you wish to present this - it is great if you upload a file to google classroom - click on ADD in the assignment area - this can be diagrams you have photographed, powerpoints, findings in a word doc or an animation. Or  post your ideas on the live stream for others to comment on and give you a 'well done'!   

The range of work handed in so far has been of a great standard and it is a good opportunity for you to decide how you best like to learn!  So make the most of it, and be creative!