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Y5 Science home learning 4.5.20

LO: To describe differences in lifecycles between mammals, birds, amphibians an insects.

Life cycles - Part 2.

Following on from last week and our exploration in to insect and amphibian metamorphosis and life cycles, I would like you to explore the bird and mammal life cycle.

1) Read through the attached powerpoint and complete the egg activity - I particularly like this!

2) Create a life cycle, present however you think is best, of a bird.

3) Watch the clip on slide 9.  Can you identify the following: seed dispersal, eggs, bees, seedlings growing, eggs hatching, caterpillars, pupae, calf, baby.  

4) Think about and research the human life cycle.  Can you use pictures/photos/diagrams to create a human life cycle.  Think about the changes in your life so far or if you have younger siblings, how have they changed. How does it differ to the life cycle of an insect or an amphibian?  Is it similar to any other life cycle?

Please do upload your learning in google classroom - again, be as creative as you choose!

I add a fun science BBC bitesize game for you to try out your science knowledge:  

Have fun!