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Y5 science home learning

LO: To explore methods to separate mixed materials.

Session 2 – Separating solutions.

Our learning objectives are:

  • To plan and carry out investigations that attempt to separate mixed materials.
  • To record and present methods, findings and further investigations.



  1. - Separating mixtures of substances, BBC.
  2. Find and give definitions, that you clearly understand of the following: liquid, solid, filtration, evaporate, distillation.
  3. Can you solve the separation conundrum?! (Depending on what you have available, you can  have a go at making the following or just imagine you have the mixtures – you could look at the mixtures online, ask an adult first though).

In front of you, you have a sieve, filters (coffee filter paper or strong paper towel), magnets and a hairdryer and the following mixed objects in containers:

flour, rice and pasta;

filter coffee in water, (or tea leaves)

iron and brass paper clips; (or two diff types of coin)

salty water.

Which method would you use to separate the following mixtures?  For example would you use a use a hairdryer (heating) to separate iron and brass paper clips?  Why or why not?

Decide on the correct method for separating these mixtures back to their natural forms.  Explain the expected outcome and why you think it will work.

          4.Show your explanations and your results (findings) however you find best and upload                    into our google classroom when you have completed.  Will we all think the same?!

           5.EXTRA INVESTIGATION: Can you think of everyday examples of separating solutions?                    Can you think of where and how separation techniques are used in the wider world and                the advantages?