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Y5 Science home learning

LO: To research the work of a significant scientist.

Science Home learning 11.6.20

This week, I am giving you the opportunity to research someone that has contributed to the world of science.  What have they done to further our understanding of our world and how things work?  It may be a modern scientist or one from long ago. 

I would like you to share this research in the google classroom so that we can each collectively see and explore the differences in scientists and share some of the amazing and inspiring advances that have been made both in and before our/your time.

How you present your work is again up to you.  Choose a style that best shows what you have found out.  It could be a video clip, a power-point, an animation or simply a poster.  Try to keep it to less than 150 words.  Use graphics and words to help your audience understand the significant facts about your scientist.

I have attached an example of the work of Maggie Aderin-Pocock.