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Garden Olympics Day 2

Garden Olympics) - Day 2

Pass the objects

The aim of the activity is to pass objects to 2 different markers without dropping them, using your feet. 

Sit with your bum on the floor, leaning slightly backwards. Grip different objects, balls, pots anything you can lift with your feet, between two different markers. The further the distance the markers are the harder it is. 

Your hands cannot touch the ground. Count how many you can do in 30 seconds, then take 30 seconds rest, then repeat 5 times. 

Catch Challenge

Throw a ball against a wall (or with a partner 2 minutes apart) and see how many catches you can do in a minute. Easy right?

Challenge - Use an odd-shaped ball

Do a full 360’ turn before you catch it

Do several attempts and try to beat your scores.