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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We Enjoy and Excel in the Presence of God

Year 5 Blog By Eva and Tamsin

On Monday, Mr Wilcox bored the class with relative clauses. We worked on division problems in Maths. In PE we practised handball for the Handball Tournament. 

The next day we did timetables (bus timetables). In literacy we drew a picture of a setting in GG Hall, then we had to write descriptive nouns around the outside. In the afternoon we did RE and had to draw wanted posters for the Messiah. 

On Wednesday we carried on with timetables in Maths. In English we wrote a tourist guide script. I really enjoyed it!

Thursday we did addition and subtraction, Tamsin and I both found it easy. In ERT (English and Art) we drew pictures of evil villains that were going to Ghastly Gorm Hall. This was mine and Tamsin's favourite lesson of the week. After lunch we finished off ERT then we did science. 

Finally it reached Friday. In Maths we carried on from yesterday. In English we did spellings, a lot. We did PE in teh afternoon, then we went to the library. When we got back to the classroom Mr Wilcox read us a story.  Before we went home, we played a game. We rated this week 8/10