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Year 6

Year 6 Homework 14/2/19

Dear parents

I will now continue to set homework from the CPG books, where it links to work we have done in class.  The pages will be uploaded to the Y6 blog for those that don't have the books.  I recommend the following open-book approach to revise: the children should read the revision guide first, then keep it open when answering the workbook questions.

Please mark these with your children and correct any misunderstandings. If your child is really stuck please let us know in their SRB and we will go through it with them.

Some children have a mature attitude to revision and will be aware of areas they feel wobbly on.  If you and they agree that they should tackle these areas first, please feel free to do so.


Mrs Edwards

Maths: Percentages - Standard Level read pages 54 and 55 and complete pages 44 and 45 in the question book.  Advanced Level read pages 44 and 45 and complete pages 38-41 in the question book.                                                                    Mathletics has also been set.

English: Homophones read pages 54 and 55 and complete pages 48 and 49 in the Spelling SAT Buster book.                                                                                           Also complete the practice questions on pages 10 - 17 standard level English Revision Book and Advanced Level English Revision book using the information on the pages previous to these to help with answers.