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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
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Yr 6 - 13th November 2020

Round up of the week


We started reading Floodlands as our new class text. The children have had to put together the opening three sentences and then compared the opening with two other books, deciding on the most effective. The children have also had to predict what happened before the picture at the front of the book and after it. Finally, the children have been looking at the clues that are contained within writing and how this shapes how we should a book aloud. The children have practised reading with intonation and variation in pace and volume


This week we have started to look at fractions, in particular, comparing, ordering fractions in accordance to their numerator and denominator, and ordering them on a number line. We have also simplified fractions.

Maths – Website

In case your child is struggling with a particular areas of maths then the websites below offer further practice in that area (the 2nd website also offers links to YouTube tutorials in the domain)


We have been identifying the features of invertebrates this week.


I have set the following homework (to be completed by Tuesday)

Spelling Shed


Times Tables Rockstars

Reading Comprehension and SPAG on the Blog

Please continue to read with your child as well as allowing them to read independently.


If you have any questions please do come and see me.

Have a fantastic half term.


Mrs Hudson