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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School
& Pre-School

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SEND Report 

SEND Information Report for Brockenhurst C of E Primary School (see attachment)

All about Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Approximately one in five children will have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) at some time during their school career.

This means they may have difficulty with:

  • Reading, writing, mathematics
  • Understanding information and others and expressing themselves
  • Organising themselves
  • Sensory perception or physical mobility
  • Managing their behaviour
  • Making friends or relating to adults

These difficulties cause barriers to the child’s learning. The school will assess your child to identify their strengths, needs and the extra help they require.

They may be at one of two stages on the SEND Code of Practice, according to need:

  1. SEND Support: in class support from a Learning Assistant, small group support, targeted interventions and ICT for additional recording/learning opportunties. This may also include some 1-1 support and advice from outside specialists, e.g. specialist teacher, health professionals
  2. Education and Health Care Plan (ECHP): when needs are complex  or severe. Children have to undergo a statutory assessment of need by the local authority in order to be given an ECHP.

What can be offered to your child?

The school offers the following according to your child’s special educational needs:

  • Quality first teaching
  • A new Primary Curriculum to meet their  needs
  • An Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Enhanced access to ICT or specialist equipment
  • In-class support from learning support assistants
  • 1-1 or small group work with a learning support assistants
  • Pupil counselling from an emotional literacy support assistant (ELSA)
  • Test concessions
  • Extra help from other services
  • Inclusion Partnership Agreement (IPA) for transition

Outcomes for pupils

The extra help the school offers will enable the child to:

  • Feel valued and included
  • Enjoy school
  • Make progress
  • Achieve their personal best
  • Become an independent learner
  • Reach their full potential

Partnership with parents

The school works in partnership with parents to meet the child’s needs.

This means:

  • We listen to the views of parents
  • Offer time to meet with the SENDCo and /or Head teacher at parents’ evenings if needed
  • Parents are equal partners in decisions about their child’s education
  • Parents are kept informed about their child’s needs and progress

What parents want to know

  • What the school thinks your child’s special needs are
  • What the school is doing to meet your child’s needs
  • Whether what the school is doing is working
  • How your child feels about what the school is doing to help them
  • How parents can be involved

What to do if you have any concerns

  • Speak to the teacher and SENDCo
  • Speak to the SEND Governor and the head teacher
  • Get advice from the local Parent Partnership Service

And if your concern is not resolved:

  • Follow the school’s complaints procedure

School SEND

At Brockenhurst C of E Primary School we aim to:

  • Meet the needs of the whole child
  • Remove any barriers to learning
  • Raise pupil’s self-esteem
  • Build pupil’s confidence
  • Develop pupil’s independence
  • Provide access to a relevant bespoke curriculum

The school SEND policy is currently under review.

The Local Authority SEND Policy

You can get a copy of the local authority SEND policy from the county website: or ask the SENDCo for a copy.

For further information contact

SENDCo: Mrs Julie Edwards
SEND Governor: Mr Michael Snell
at: Brockenhurst CE Primary School, Phone: 01590 623163


Hampshire SENDIASS is an impartial Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) information, advice and support service for parents and carers, children & young people and practitioners.

They can be contacted by phone (0808 164 5504) or email (

Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm, Fri 9am – 4pm.

They aim to respond within 2 working days.


Special Educational Needs (SEN) – A guide for parents and carers. Revised 2009
Special Educational Needs Code of Practice
Both are available from: