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Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

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Year R

Early Years at Brockenhurst C of E Primary School

We welcome our Early Years children into school and aim to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible for both children and parents. The influence of the home as the earliest learning place cannot be underestimated, as each child is unique with different aptitudes and interests. In order for parents to share their views of their child's experiences and strengths we like to arrange a home visit for the class teacher to meet the children in the security of their own home.

We also have a good liaison with local playgroups, which we visit, to meet the children prior to them starting school. Children are also invited to make a visit with their pre-school leaders.

Before they start school, children have learned a great deal with their parents. They use all their senses to learn about the world around them and the people in it. At our school, we continue this pattern of learning by giving children opportunities to explore and investigate their surroundings. By taking part in carefully planned play experiences, we enable them to develop skills and cooperate with others, whilst exploring the outside world.

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  • YR "To be or not to be, that is the question!"

    Published 16/03/18, by Ruth Stack

    The children joined in with yesterday’s Shakespeare activities with their usual enthusiasm and gusto. After a whirlwind synopsis of the Hamlet play complete with actions for every character, they then prepared their party piece of the “to be or not to be!” speech ending with “ahh, there’s the rub!” In the afternoon the whole school gathered together to act out the play with all the Year groups taking their turn to participate and, although shy the first time through, the YR/1s got a chance to do a superb repeat performance. So many budding actors in the making.  Sorry I was unable to download the photos and video from the ipad before leaving school today. Hopefully I will be able to get them on here next week along with many other photos from this term.

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  • What a week!

    Published 09/03/18, by Ruth Stack

    It was lovely to have so many Mums in this morning and give the children the opportunity to share the kinds of things they like to do in school. It was quite emotional for some children and I think I might suggest that we have Mums in towards the end of the day next time to avoid the difficult goodbyes. But any tears were shortlived and despite those anxious moments I think they enjoyed having you with them in school for the morning. They were sharing ideas this afternoon of ways in which they were going to make your Mother's day extra special and I hope their ideas come to fruition and you have a lovely day on Sunday.

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  • YR Snow days

    Published 01/03/18, by Ruth Stack

    We hope you enjoy your days in the snow - the first proper snow some of these children will remember in their lifetimes. We look forward to hearing all about their adventures next week. Photographs can be emailed into school if you want to share them.

    I know the children were excited about World Book Day today so perhaps we can arrange another day for them to come in dressed as their favourite characters if they want to. Take care, wrap up warm and have fun!

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  • YR Half way there . . .

    Published 09/02/18, by Ruth Stack

    Winter Olympics comes to YR. The children were assigned to different teams this week to compete in their own Winter Olympics activities. Norway, Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic and Great Britain were all represented. Maybe over half term they might get a chance to watch some of the Games with you and be inspired by the sports men and women that they see.

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  • YR successful shop

    Published 01/02/18, by Ruth Stack

    Thank you to everyone who came to help on our trip to the shops this morning. Thank you as well for the contributions towards buying the buns which the children enjoyed sharing for their snack time this morning. They investigated the local shops to see what could be bought there and all got the opportunity to go into the Bakehouse and choose and buy a bun with their group. The children remembered their manners and were well behaved and thoughtful - and are now pros at buying buns!


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  • YR trip to shops tomorrow - Thursday 1st

    Published 31/01/18, by Ruth Stack

    I did put a note outside the classroom but in case you missed it, I requested that all children bring a contribution of 20p towards a bun tomorrow. Please could they bring their 20p in a named purse or envelope that we can take with us to the bakers. Thank you.

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  • YR A Trip to the Shops

    Published 25/01/18, by Ruth Stack

    Next week I was hoping to take the children into the village to look at the shops and do a bit of shopping themselves. Obviously this is reliant on having a high ratio of adults to children so if you think you may be able to help on Thursday 1st between 9 -10:30am (and are DBS checked)then please let me know.

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  • YR Morning reminder

    Published 24/01/18, by Ruth Stack

    I have been asked to remind you all that the school gate opens at 8:30 at which time you are welcome to bring your children through to the YR playground. The children enter the classroom from 8:40 and you are expected to leave through the main gate by 8:45. This is when Mr.Harvey needs to lock up. Please do all you can to ensure you are able to leave by this time and we will also do our bit. Thank you

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  • YR Litter Pick

    Published 21/01/18, by Emma Lever

    Update for Monday 22.1.18 - Year R only.

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  • Happy whatever the weather

    Published 19/01/18, by Ruth Stack

    Rain, shine or hail, the Badgers are happy to be outside whatever the weather as they have proved this week with torrential rain and floods, icy temperatures, blue skies and hailstorms to contend with. Apologies for the damp clothing. To be fair when we set out to the field for Forest school yesterday afternoon the sun was shining and indeed 5 minutes after we returned completely soaked from the hailstorm, out came the sun once more.

    The only time we weren't so keen to go out was when the fire alarm sounded for a fire drill yesterday in the midst of getting changed for PE. Despite this being their first fire practice and many of them in various states of undress we were really impressed with the children's calm, sensible behaviour which meant we were able to get on and support those that needed help so that we could all get out safely and with clothes on.

    Before the hail hit in the afternoon we managed to get fairy doors made, found many signs of winter and went searching for wild animals that may be lurking in the bushes. (I didn't know we had a resident lion!) Lots of the children collected bits to go in their ice decorations which you may have seen  hanging from the tree in the YR playground. They were still there this evening so have a look if you go past at the weekend. We'll see how long they last.

    This week we have been enjoying the Snowman and the Snow dog and had a great snowball fight when we re-enacted the story in PE yesterday. The children have produced some great art work and created their own wintry sounds with various percussion instruments.

    We have been continuing to practise our reading and writing - with a focus on sounds j, v, z and qu this week as well as recapping on d and g. Having read with all the children I am really impressed with their enthusiasm and their developing ability to blend the sounds they see. We are encouraging them to point at the words with their fingers or lollysticks as they read as well as using picture clues. We sound out words using the letter sounds rather than the letter names and try and recognise the tricky key words which can't be sounded out. The practice you do at home with the key words and the reading books really does help. It would also help us if your child keeps their key words in the small plastic wallet they were all given before Christmas. Their reading book can just be tucked inside their yellow reading diary - it doesn't need to go in the key word wallet. It does help us if you make a note in the yellow book when you have read with your child even if it is just a smiley face to let us know the book has been read. If you have any questions about reading with your child please do ask us, we are here to help.

    In Maths the children have been practising recognising numbers up to 10 and then to 20 and have had lots of opportunities for counting. They have been playing dice games which are really helpful for practising these skills and also for counting on a number track. If you have any dice games at home see if you can find time to have a play.

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  • YR - Badgers on patrol.

    Published 18/01/18, by Emma Lever

    Arrangements for Monday 22nd January 2018.

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  • Happy New Year YR!

    Published 06/01/18, by Ruth Stack

    We hope you all enjoyed the Christmas break, the children have been telling us about the exciting things they have done and presents they have received. Thank you once again for all our gifts and cards, much appreciated by us all. Our new term has got off to a snowy start in YR in the hopeful anticipation that we might get real snow. Our classroom has a wintry theme and children have already been making their own snow and ice as well as playing with snowballs and creating snowmen. If any of you have any photographs of your children (or even you as children) playing in the snow that you could send in for us to copy for display we would be grateful.

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